Agnieszka Dobrowolska

Founder, Leader and Chief Designer of MISHKĀ, has extensive experience as a conservation architect preserving the heritage of Historic Cairo. She believes that the legacy of the past can only be preserved when it is part of contemporary life, whether in continued use of restored buildings, or in objects of everyday use, such as jewellery.

Eslam Bin Al Na'eb

Technical Designer of MISHKĀ, is an architect with a deep knowledge of the geometry underlying the Islamic visual arts. His expert command of digital technologies enables him to translate the passion for new, never-ending variations of geometrical forms into the innovative designs of MISHKĀ products.

Heba al-Naggar

Production Manager of MISHKĀ, chose a career in design and jewellery over practicing law. A master craftswoman, she sets an example for the whole workshop by working with her own hands to train the women from the local community in various techniques and perfect the quality and finish of their products.

Mariana Ibrahim

Financial Officer of MISHKĀ, is involved in much more than bookkeeping. Working with passion and dedication, she can be trusted to take care of all logistical aspects of the enterprise’s operations.

Umm Mustafa

as ‘Aida Hassan is affectionately known as in the neighbourhood, is one of the local women whose determination and enterprise resulted in the emergence of MISHKĀ. She participated in the initial training and has remained dedicated to MISHKĀ throughout its journey.

Umm Seif

as Saniya Salah el-Din is known in the neighbourhood where she lives, literally next door to the MISHKĀ workshop, has been with MISHKĀ since the very beginning. She mastered leather-working techniques and now is a leader for other women making leather goods.