O U R   S T O R Y

MISHKĀ in Arabic means lantern. The ten-pointed star logo is one continuous line that—like all MISHKĀ designs—is inspired by architectural masterpieces that Sultan Qaitbey built in this historic neighbourhood in the heart of Cairo. With training, tools and support we strive to bring the women of the district the direct benefits of their work. This way, they build a better life for themselves and their families while also regenerating the entire district in which they live. ​

MISHKĀ stands for beautiful objects that are handcrafted using traditional techniques and the finest natural materials among Cairo’s historic Mamluk monuments in the ‘City of the Dead’.

MISHKĀ is operated by the Sultan Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation registered in Egypt in 2016. Our work receives generous support from the DROSOS Foundation that makes the training of staff, the outfitting of the workshops and retail gallery, and various urban improvements to the neighbourhood possible. In its early days, the enterprise was set up with a one-year grant from Alfanar Foundation. Bill Amberg, a renowned leather product designer from London, was also essential in the initial stages of the project by providing crucial hands-on training in Cairo. Thank you, Bill for putting MISHKĀ on track!


The masters who created the marvels of the Desert of the Mamluks were ceaselessly inventive and infused their works with creative ideas. Likewise, the MISHKĀ collections do not merely copy the excellence of Mamluk ornamentation, but give it a new flair and a contemporary edge.

Simply by choosing from the MISHKĀ range of beautiful objects, you are helping to create a sustainable social enterprise and actively protecting our global heritage.